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VietnamTraining young conservationists in Vietnam

We have contributed to remarkable successes in the conservation of wildlife with a lot of different partners all around the globe. We have learned a great deal about effective and animal friendly trapping, tagging and monitoring, utilizing the latest research techniques and technologies to aid conservation purposes. At IWS we believe in the value of communicating such results so that researchers and their study animals can benefit from these in all kinds of conservation challenges. We love to provide guest lectures and workshops about a broad array of conservation topics. We are good at it. Our audiences are students and lecturers at universities and colleges, young and older nature conservationists in need of theoretical and practical field training and anybody else visiting conferences about wildlife conservation and scientific studies all around the world. Invite us, listen, experience and see for yourself.

lectureDublinLecture for Zoology students Trinity College, Dublin

GPSWorkshopEngineering and Biology at the Frontier of Environmental and Organismal Sensing Workshop

TeunTeun Smink looking for otter tracks during MISE citizen science project, Ireland

TaiwanInternational Conference Endangered Small Carnivores, Kinmen/Taiwan