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About IWS

International Wildlife Services (IWS) is a full service company which provides services in the whole chain of wildlife research from the beginning to the end, anywhere on this planet.

We help you with:

  • research setup
  • funding
  • safe trapping of your study animals
  • tagging your animals with different kinds of GPS, classic VHF or any other kind of transmitters
  • processing your data
  • publishing your results

Most of the trapping and GPS related hardware is produced by ourselves or our partners and is offered to you for a competitive and very friendly price.

Tagging animals with transmitters is invasive and with regards to animal welfare should be done with the greatest care based on a vast experience. We can deliver that to you.


IWS offers you valuable assistance in the first stage of your study. Together with you we can define research questions and matching methodology.


Obtaining the required research budget can be a challenge. Using our worldwide network and experience in raising funds for wildlife studies, IWS can lend you a helping hand.


IWS can assist in an efficient way to process data. We have experience with home range, activity, sensor, trap cam and GIS analyses. We can also do a write-up of these in a report or scientific paper.

What we can do for you


IWS offers tracking devices for any wildlife study which benefits wildlife conservation. Most of the GPS related hardware has been produced by ourselves or our partners. We also provide classic VHF transmitters for external attachment or safe implanting.


Trapping animals is invasive and with regards to animal welfare should be done with the greatest care. Therefore we always use trap transmitters. We can do safe trapping for you under guidance of local or our own wildlife vets.


We believe in sharing knowledge. We would like to do so based on our vast experience with fieldwork and wildlife tracking. Therefore we offer workshops and lectures about fieldwork techniques, the use of trap cams, safe trapping, all kinds of transmitters, sensors and processing data.

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We can build your transmitter order in as little as 21 days (a 50,- rush fee for each transmitter applies when you need it earlier). We prefer that you place your order four to five weeks before you need them
We can ship with DHL and UPS. The shipping costs depend on the region, weight of the parcel and the speed of delivery, as calculated using UPS.com and DHL.com. Also your own shipping account could be used. In that case we will omit shipping costs from our invoice.
We accept Visa, AMEX, Mastercard, E-banking (e.g. Sofort, iDeal) and PayPal, as well as Purchase Orders from recognized agencies and institutions. To expedite processing your order, please provide payment information when you place an order. Before payment we send you a Proforma Invoice. After acceptance you receive a final invoice for payment.
New and first cycle refurbished GPS collars are warranted for one year from the time of shipment, or from the calculated minimum battery life, whichever occurs first. GPS collars can be refurbished up to three times. The warranty will expire immediately when the casing or enclosure of a transmitter has been opened, damaged or tampered with before using it on the study animal.
We usually can repair a transmitter in as little as 5 days from the time we receive it. The price of replacement transmitter batteries (LiPo, NiMH or NiCad) depends on battery capacity. For products with expired warranty a standard transmitter check costs 100 and the total costs of the repair depends on the part which needs to be replaced. A revised estimate will be sent to you for authorization. New battery packs are warranted for one year from date of purchase. Repaired transmitters are warranted for thirty (30) days from date of return shipment. Shipment is payed for by the customer (see 2. Shipment)
We provide a refurbishment service for GPS trackers at a nominal cost depending on the model. GPS equipment can be refurbished up to three times. Shipment is payed for by the customer (see 2. Shipment)
The user can easily change the GPS and data transmission settings of the transmitters remotely through a secured web portal. More GPS fixes and/or more data transmissions will take more power from the battery and therefore shorten battery life. Also firmware can be updated remotely.
The costs for data transmissions to and from our server are not included in the purchase of any of our GPS trackers using a GSM, Iridium or Globalstar modem. Depending on the type (GSM, Iridium or GlobalStar), amount and frequency of data transmissions data plan costs can vary between 3 (GSM/GPRS) – 40 (Iridium) per tracker per month.




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