IWS offers you valuable assistance in the first stage of your study. Together with you we can define research questions and matching methodology.


Obtaining the required research budget can be a challenge. Using our worldwide network and experience in raising funds for wildlife studies, IWS can lend you a helping hand.


IWS can assist in an efficient way to process data. We have experience with home range, activity, sensor, trap cam and GIS analyses. We can also do a write-up of these in a report or scientific paper.

What we can do for you


IWS offers tracking devices for any wildlife study which benefits wildlife conservation. Most of the GPS related hardware has been produced by ourselves or our partners. We also provide classic VHF transmitters for external attachment or safe implanting.


Trapping animals is invasive and with regards to animal welfare should be done with the greatest care. Therefore we always use trap transmitters. We can do safe trapping for you under guidance of local or our own wildlife vets.


We believe in sharing knowledge. We would like to do so based on our vast experience with fieldwork and wildlife tracking. Therefore we offer workshops and lectures about fieldwork techniques, the use of trap cams, safe trapping, all kinds of transmitters, sensors and processing data.