Data Processing

Data processing and analysis is very exciting, but needs to be well prepared and carried out. Raw data, or field data usually needs to be processed before it can be used for analysis. If storing the data is carried out properly this can save a lot of energy and work (and thus costs) during the analysis, because the data has been made more user-friendly. This is especially beneficial to studies which utilize large sets of data. Key to a higher efficiency in the processing of the data is a very structured and consistent storing of the raw data and the use of the correct software to carry this out and doing its analysis. At IWS we can smoothen this process, by advising on the needed software and tailored methodology. Statistics are mostly an important part of analyzing and evaluating the data. Different kinds of online and offline GIS methods are used for visualizing data.

JitkaHome range Kernel-analysis of a tagged otter in NL (de Jongh, 2014) on online Google maps 2016

Finally the results need to be published. Depending on the type of project or study this can vary from a publication in a scientific journal or management recommendations in a government report. The IWS team has a broad experience in writing reports and publishing results. We can assist you in all stages from data sampling to processing, to its analysis and evaluation, and finally to publishing those as clear results.

reportEminkInterview on national radio about rediscovery of European mink in Dniester delta, Ukraine